“In the process of painting, the paint is not sufficient.”

Bernardo Montoya, Bogotá, 2013



Ínsito  adj.  Peculiar and inherent to a thing as if born of it.


“Ínsito”   is Bernardo Montoya’s first individual show in the United States, and his first at Alejandra von Hartz Gallery. The exhibition consists of a group of works, sculptures and installation  that have their origins in painting.


Although Montoya first came to art as a straightforward painter, he increasingly considers the medium an expanded field. He is after a painting that has escaped the frame. It no longer depends on any support or constraint; it depends only on itself. In its purest materiality, it reveals each of the layers that are superimposed through the process of production until the painting-painting is formed, exposing in its path, decisions, mistakes, and accidents, posing the question of the dialectic between the spontaneous and the natural. “My painting is becoming less and less painting,” he proposes. “My practice is informed by that place where art is understood as thought.”

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